Benefits of Free Psychic Readings

Psychic ReadingsPsychic reading comprises heightened perceptive abilities and drawing conclusions from the human senses’ extensions, normally associated with the paranormal dominion. It puts together pieces of information, social clues, a person’s existing perceptions, and proven facts before a conclusion is derived. Some of the different types of psychic readings include numerology, palm reading, astrology and tarot reading.

Seeking Free Psychic Reading Services

At some point in life, there comes a time when you are faced with some of the toughest decisions or choices and do not know the right thing to do. This is perhaps the time you may need free psychic reading services to help you make a better decision. This is the time to seek the services of a real clairvoyant, or clairaudient, or empathic psychic.

However, you may find someone who may be capable of doing all these. When they hear your voice, they receive messages directly from their spirit guides. This message is meant to assist in making the best possible choice in a difficult or tough situation. Moreover, you can find those who are highly skilled when it comes to using the Tarot cards. Others will frequently use Astrology in order to get a clearer picture, often with a timeline. The most important thing is finding someone who can interpret the answers you are looking for in an honest, caring, and straightforward manner.

Psychic Power and What it Can Do

When you find yourself at crossroads, you may require help to figure out what is really going on. Nothing is cast on stone because your free will always be in the picture. If anything, having more information or knowledge forms the basis for making some of the best decisions. Everyone possesses the ability to co-create his or her potential future.

Psychic readings can be used to unveil some of the problems you are facing in your life right now including loneliness, unhappiness, and even sicknesses that have remained mysterious to doctors. Having a black aura can create a lot of darkness and negativity. It is better to have this aura cleansed so you do not have to suffer any longer. It may explain why things do not seem to work, no matter how hard you try. For many years, psychic reading have been known to solve mysteries and puzzles while restoring hope to individuals who had almost given up in life. On several occasions, it has been considered the last source of hope.


How Beliefs Impact Psychic Development

crystal ballPsychic development is a function of the mind. Psychic abilities are generally very close to the subconscious mind in particular, which is very responsive to our beliefs and which is involved in the process of helping our experiences match those beliefs. If you are having difficulty progressing in your psychic development your beliefs may be causing some of the problems. Some of the problematic beliefs may be conscious and some may be unconscious, but each of them will have an impact on how well your psychic abilities express themselves.

External Limiting Beliefs

External limiting beliefs have to do with how you see what’s possible in the outside world. If you believe, for example, that psychic abilities are only capable of giving fuzzy, vague answers and images regardless of who is using them, then your experiences will tend to line up with this belief whether you are giving a reading or receiving one. If you had a great deal of religious training in your youth you might constantly struggle with fears that your psychic development might really be a way to let demons manipulate you and deceive you. You might resist gaining any more abilities in this area than you’ve already attained, or you might start having some fairly scary feelings or experiences every time you attempt to get better at your psychic abilities. The maxim that our thoughts attract the experiences and possibilities we’ll receive are especially true in the field of psychic development, since psychic experiences and abilities reside in the brain and are especially close to our thoughts.

Internal Limiting Beliefs

Internal limiting beliefs relate to what you can do with your psychic abilities. If you believe you can give very accurate readings you’ll generally improve your accuracy, but you may notice that your readings falter whenever you let any self-doubt creep in. If you secretly believe you’re not “special” enough to have more than a little psychic power (or hold this fear, which is as good as a belief) then you may find it difficult to progress beyond the occasional useful hunch. If you believe your psychic abilities are progressing every single day and you can rely on them then you’ll find them growing more and more reliable and strong. Beliefs can be either helpful or harmful to your psychic development.

Querent Beliefs

If you are doing psychic readings for other people you should be aware that a querent’s beliefs can impact your abilities to read for them. It’s easy to read for believers, or those who are at least curious and open minded about what you can do. It’s not uncommon to feel blocked when you encounter a skeptic or someone who is just trying to “prove you’re a fake.” You can usually feel this block, even if the person in front of you isn’t openly confrontational with their skepticism. Rather than give a bad reading and shaking your own confidence when the skeptic starts telling you, over and over again, that you are wrong, it is best to simply tell the skeptic that he is blocking you because he does not really want or trust the reading you can offer him. At best you’ll give him a moment of pause with your insight and start to change his mind. At worst, you’ll save yourself the trouble of trying to muddle through a bad reading.

Replace Negative Beliefs with Positive Ones

All of this provides an excellent exercise for helping you develop your psychic abilities. You can sit down and choose better beliefs. Sometimes it helps to write out your beliefs and replace them with something more positive. For example, if you feel you’re not special enough to be a powerful psychic you could write:

Almost all people possess some psychic abilities just as almost all people possess eyesight. If I didn’t have the capability it is unlikely I’d have the interest. The difference is in the development. I choose to develop a strong psychic gift through focus and practice.

This will help you “reprogram” your brain to make room for strong psychic development.

What Is An Animal Intuitive?

pet psychicAnyone who has ever owned a pet knows that these animal friends have “personalities” and qualities all their own. Just as with people, the longer we live with them the better we get to know them. They are relationships like all others. But no matter how well we may know our animal friends, sometimes we are hard pressed to understand what they are thinking or feeling—especially when they exhibit out-of-the-ordinary behavior. Animal intuitive (or pet psychics) have the very special gift of being able to communicate with animals and they can make a big difference in the lives of both people and pets.

What do Animal Intuitives Do?

Animals are conscious beings just like humans, even if their consciousness is different than ours. They think, dream and feel like humans but they communicate differently. Animal intuitive are able to telepathically sense what animals are thinking and feeling (sometimes physically) and mediate between them and their human owners when their behavior is out of the ordinary or when a veterinarian is unable to find anything physically wrong.

Some pet psychics incorporate healing techniques like Reiki, massage, flower essence therapy or other healing methods for the same reasons humans would use them—to restore energetic balance and well being. If they are aware that an animal is terminally ill, they can help the animal cross over and experience a peaceful death with love and support.

Others are skilled at locating lost animals. One pet intuitive helped locate a dog named Foster who was lost inside an 800 acre park in 2008. After the psychic described pallets, discarded tires and a wetlands area, the dog was found stranded in a swamp and was rescued by helicopter.

Another common task of animal intuitives is to train people and animals to understand each other. According to a trainer named Laura Stichfield, “Animals have an amazing ability to process complex situations. They take on our stress. They understand work stress, children’s issues, divorce, emotional and physical illness, and our insecurities and fears. They can give us wise insight into our lives. If we learn to communicate with them more clearly, their confusion and behavior problems begin to drift away and we in return become more peaceful people.”

How do Animal Intuitives Communicate?

While some pet communicators argue that anyone can learn to communicate with animals, most seem to be born with a special ability which was recognized by adults when they were children. Often they didn’t realize that others did not share their abilities.

The same intuitive gifts that psychics use to garner information for humans are the same pet psychics use to communicate with animals. Some are clairvoyant, able to gather information through mental seeing, while others are clairaudient, meaning they can hear the animal speak to them. These talents also involve being emotionally empathic where they can sense what an animal is feeling, sometimes actually feeling what the animal is feeling, including pain.

As with all psychic ability, a pet psychic’s ability begins with their ability to clear and relax their mind. They ask the animal questions telepathically by sending images to the animal and then wait to receive information that the animal responds with, then transmitting it back to the owner.

According to one article by Tracy Wilson, some pet psychics credit the ability to sense animals’ feelings and thoughts to the “electromagnetic energy [that] surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe, much like the force in ‘Star Wars.’ This energy is part of the radio spectrum, but scientists haven’t figured out how to detect it. Pet psychics can use energy to contact animals, no matter how far away the animals are or whether they are still living.


Some animal intuitives enhance their natural abilities with professional training. One very well known trainer is Linda Tellington-Jones. While Tellington-Jones doesn’t claim to be an animal psychic, she is world-famous for her work in animal behavior and a technique she developed called “TTouch” which is aimed at deepening mutual trust in human/animal relations. TTouch evolved out of her own training in touch therapies drawn from the Feldenkrais and other methods of massage therapy. Tellinton-Jones was given an honorary Ph.d. for her over 40 years of research and work with animals.